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Ebers Boehm
Ebers Boehm

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Ebers Boehm

One had to think about it : combining two worlds apart but yet close enough to create a common universel the two founders of Ebers Boehm (an optician and a jewellery designer) brought together their expertise and talents to create a jewel for glasses.

Their chemistry, their art was the ultimate sucess and it gave birth to a hybrid gem that is both practical and aesthetic as you wear it around the neck. the Ebers Boehm's necklace is original, extremely elegant and very functional. It is a simply a delight to wear it.
We are in a high end world that mixes the most precious stones and metals to the most elegant glasses. The ebers Boehm's inventive system is very clever, which, when attached to the glasses, is safely strapped to the base and still extremely sophisticated.

As unpredictable as fashion can be, we know this product will have a snowball effect. As a product of its times, Ebers Boehm's expertise aims to develop a whole range of models that will please both eyes and hands.

Ebers Boehm's jewel is protected by a patent. If the object is beautiful, it is nevertheless eminently functional. And the good thing about innovation is that it can combine pleasure with a hint of futility to aesthetics and usefulness.