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Cutler and gross
Cutler and gross

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cutler and gross
Cutler and gross

Over the last 40 years Graham Cutler Ant Tony Gross have spear-headed the revolution that turned eyewear from medical necessity into key fashion accessory. From their London base in Knightsbridge, CUTLER AND GROSS began building its eyewear empire.
The CUTLER AND GROSS brand has become a by-word for originality and flair. It's client base transcends all ages, industries and backgrounds, drawing from the worlds of music, the art, finance, fashion, journalism and design. Clients are not defined by their profesison, but by an identification with the style and quality of the product.THE CUTLER AND GROSS frame designs and colours have a unique capacity to invoke the imagination.

" They don't have a logo, are not ostentatious and are utterly Glam"

- The Independent newspaper -

CUTLER AND GROSS celebrates the individual rather tahn the label, a philosophy which has enabled them to be both internationnally chic and discerningly underground. We HAVE OVER 900 styles of frames in our archive.